Asset Management & Acquisition


Our Asset Management Solution allows healthcare organizations to become more efficient and profitable through People, Processes, and Technology. We offer a variety of custom program models and will help you assess your needs and find the perfect solution for your facility. For over twenty years, Med One has provided solutions for healthcare facilities across the country. Our creativity allows us to customize solutions that work best for the specific needs of the facility. We are dedicated to saving costs, maximizing efficiency, and improving patient safety.

Key Benefits
  • Improved Patient Safety
  • Lower Costs
  • Equipment Efficiency
  • Maintenance and Service
  • Infection Control

Acquisition / Management / Maintenance / Analytics

Our menu of options allows you to customize our asset management solution to best fit the needs of your facility. We offer creative equipment acquisition through purchase, leasing, or rental. Our staff will provide in-house delivery of equipment to greatly improve efficiency. Management of all of your equipment will provide increased efficiency and better infection control options. We provide biomedical maintenance for all of your equipment as well as software analytics so you can see real-time statistics.