Pulmonetics LTV 1200 Ventilator



The LTV 1200 ventilator's ease of use and versatility help ensure optimal patient care across clinical settings. Whether in the Emergency Department or Patient Transport, the LTV 1200 has the flexibility to adapt to changing respiratory needs. At a fraction of the size of comparably equipped systems, the LTV 1200 moves seamlessly with the patient.

Some of the most significant features and benefits of the LTV 1200 ventilator include:

  • The ability to transport patients easily from the hospital to the home or from the ambulance to the hospital.
  • Customizable settings for better patient effectiveness
  • Supports invasive and non-invasive applications: Pressure Control, Pressure Support, Volume Control and Spontaneous Breath Types.
  • Patient presets for quick initiation of ventilation
  • Good battery life with swappable batteries

The LTV 1200 ventilator is now available for purchase from Med One. Rental and financing options are also available. Each ventilator shipped from our distribution centers arrives cleaned, serviced and patient-ready.

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