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Medical Equipment Rental in Denver, CO

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Here at Med One Group, we understand that you need dependable devices and services you can trust. With that in mind, we cater our innovative inventory to meet the industry’s most in-demand technology with advanced interfaces. We offer flexible options for our customers and can meet (and exceed) your service requirements. Our team has been offering trusted and secure medical equipment rentals to Denver, CO, and the surrounding area to provide quality products to many different healthcare facilities.. Our flexible and full-range inventory includes industry-leading brands and devices to serve a wide range of medical needs, from respiratory care and imaging to monitoring, pain management—and much more.

Quality You Can Trust; Care You Deserve

We offer industry-leading brands to medical facilities in need, and you can count on our ability to provide quality equipment and devices. Through our flexible and secure medical equipment financing programs, you can make financial decisions for your facility with the assurance of well-maintained devices. We partner with you for short- or long-term financing agreements to best serve your financial and medical needs. With Med One Group, you can fulfill the majority of your equipment needs with us including:

  • Bed mattresses
  • Monitoring systems
  • Infusion pumps
  • Suction pumps
  • Ventilators
  • Humidifiers
  • Hot and cold therapy devices

And much more!

Med One provides devices and equipment that are intended for professional medical organizations and facilities and do not provide equipment for home use.

We are an authorized medical device vendor with brands you know and love, including Sigma, GE, Baxter, CareFusion/BD, and many others. Let our medical equipment lending programs in Denver and Aurora areas and the surrounding areas provide a solution your facility can rely on.

Tailored Agreements to Your Facility’s Needs

We offer fully flexible and tailored agreements per your device demands. This means we can offer a facility one device, two devices, or even more. Our knowledgeable and highly experienced staff specializes in ensuring your facility is fully equipped and that you feel safe to use the equipment. Plus, you can always reach out for help. For more information about our leasing and financial agreements, device and equipment inquiries, and general information about our services, contact a member of our team today. Med One Group is the number one medical equipment rental company in Denver, and we look forward to serving you.